Why MoveMeant Illustr8ed?

We believe firmly that we have the best instruction in the entire DFW area. Whether your child is here to dance recreationally or to study the art of dance seriously, we have an unbelievable staff to accommodate both. Our instructors come from all over the country and now reside here in Dallas, where they are either pursuing a career in dance, choreography, or teaching professional dancers in local dance companies. They are perfect role models for any of our students and you will see instantly their passion for dance as well.

Our performing companies are for those children looking to study more intently. Through performing for charities and community events, we focus on the reward of giving back thru artistry. We also encourage our company members to pursue their dancing by auditioning for the Performing Art High Schools and showcasing their dance work in professional events in the area. We feel this is a more positive way to share their passion and leads them towards University programs and/or starting a career in dance.

At MoveMeant Illustr8ed, we believe that the study of dance is an art form, a long distance marathon. We support our students in following their dreams and finding their own paths. What we offer at MoveMeant Illustr8ed will last your child a lifetime. Whether it is in dance or the discipline that goes along with learning the art, we believe your children will gain confidence in themselves and carry it with them in whatever they choose to do in their life. Thank you for being a part of our family.

— Shawn Lawson, Company Director


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MoveMeant Illustr8ed

Studio Hours

Monday: 4pm – 9pm
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