MAY 26: Ages 4-6: 10:00-12:00 | Ages 9-11: 1:00-5:00 | $25 Fee

MAY 27: Ages 7-8: 12:00-3:00 | Ages 12 & up: 3:30-8:00 | $25 Fee

Wear all black | Hair in a bun | Bring all shoes including tennis shoes
RSVP to shawn@movemeantillustr8ed.com Or call (469) 723-2001

This company is intended for dancers 4 years and older that want to train in and really perfect his/her craft. This is a more intensive training program and dancers will be in a competitive environment for performance time.


Dancers will attend all regional and national competitions and two conventions per season. 3 regional, 1 national, 2 conventions. MoveMeant lllustr8ed will also provide in studio workshops throughout the season. 

Dancers will be placed on anywhere from 2 or more groups plus their company's production. All dancers will be required to do their companies Jazz and Contemporary large group dances. 

Each group requires a different costume that the dancers will wear all season. Costumes range from $75-$150 approx.

Dancers will have a set schedule of classes to follow each week. 

All Competition Company dancers will be on the unlimited program for classes with the exception of our Hip Hop only dancers. Graduating Seniors and high school students that are in AP classes or drill team may be given some leeway (at the discretion of the director).


Monthly Company Tuition is as follows: Minis- $275 | Petites- $300 | Jr/Tn/Sr- $350 

* Dancers will only be allowed to have 3 unexcused absences per season in their respective group before being removed from said group. NO EXCEPTIONS.


We would like for MoveMeant lllustr8ed Company Families to participate on a minimum of 4 groups if available for your dancer(s). We know that this may not work out in some cases and we are not requiring that this is the case. Some dancers are on as many at 10 groups and as little as 3.


Please remember that teams are the most important part of the MoveMeant lllustr8ed Company. If you need to cut back please cut back on Solos before cutting back on groups.

A dancer cannot have 3 solos and only be in 3 groups. For each solo we would like for each dancer to be in 2 groups. Solos cannot be added later if you are not in the appropriate amount of groups.


* Duets and Trios will be selected by the company director at the time of auditions.