Wearing appropriate dancewear and shoes in class is very important. It allows the dancer freedom of movement and provides the instructor with “line of sight”. This allows the instructor to see the body alignment clearly, allowing feedback and corrections for proper placement, helping the dancer to grow and improve. NO EXTENSIVE JEWELRY ALLOWED IN ANY CLASSES.

In JAZZ, LYRICAL, CONTEMPORARY, MUSICAL THEATRE, TAP & LEAPS/TURNS: Fitted dancewear must be worn. No street clothes allowed. Jazz or Character shoes are required. In TAP classes: Fitted dancewear must be worn. No street clothes allowed. Tap shoes must be worn. In HIP HOP classes: Loose fitting street clothes are acceptable as long as the instructor can see your feet. Clean tennis shoes or jazz shoes should be worn.

CREATIVE MOVEMENT & COMBO CLASSES: Any dancewear is acceptable for these classes with ballet and tap shoes required.

BALLET CLASSES: Girls are required to wear a BLACK leotard, pink tights and pink ballet/pointe shoes for all ballet classes. Hair should be worn in a tight bun with a net and no wispies. Ballet skirts and ballet sweaters are allowed. In cold weather, ballet knitted shorts and legwarmers may be worn for barre only.

Boys are required to wear black tights or shorts, white T-shirts, white socks and black or white ballet shoes.

Please Note: Hair nets and bobby pins are the dancer’s sole responsibility, not the instructors. Any dancers not properly dressed, (including hair) for any class will be asked to sit and observe.