Established in 2018 by Company Director Shawn Lawson and Owner Javier Carrera, their mission has been to inspire the passion of movement, dance and performing in children of all ages. Our school offers a full curriculum in ballet, jazz, lyrical, tap, musical theatre and hip hop with a special emphasis designed to introduce these dance forms to young children. MoveMeant Illustr8ed offers a highly credentialed staff.

We have made it our mission to uphold an excellent reputation for inspiring young people to be the best artists they can be. We believe it’s one of the primary reasons for our success. When we say, ― the best dancers, or actors or musicians they can be, we speak of every student, and are highly devoted to passing on knowledge and passion to students, whether they are learning at a recreational level or a more serious competitive level. We believe in nurturing the talent of each individual student as they explore and learn the fundamentals of the performing arts, and know that a teacher’s influence on the future of a student extends far beyond what goes on in the classroom.

We believe in the individualized attention to scheduling the classes that best suit each student’s needs and goals. Our teaching philosophy is centered on instilling a passion for dance and the arts, while also building self-esteem and confidence in every child. We strive to help students develop self-motivation, grace, poise, confidence and self-discipline in a serious, but fun and nurturing environment.