Each student will be charged a $25 non-refundable, annual registration fee in the fall. For those families with 2 or more children, the fee will be $50 for 2 students or more students. Students who remain enrolled for the summer months will have their annual registration fee waived. NOTE: If a dancer drops out of classes for more than 60 days, they are considered inactive and must officially re-register paying an additional $25. Class participation rates will be higher if the registration fee is not paid (this applies to people taking single classes).

Email Address

At sign up, please be sure you provide us with your EMAIL ADDRESS. Our main form of communication with you is via email, so please ensure we have your correct address on file and notify us if you change it. We send out our monthly newsletters and all other communication via email.

Facebook & Cell Phones

Students are not allowed to bring cell phones into any class at MoveMeant Illustr8ed. Cell phones should be left in students’ bags in their locker room/cubbies. In addition, no choreography is permitted to be posted on Facebook or any other social media outlet without the express written consent of the instructor.

Make Up Lessons

Make up lessons are always available and must be made up within four weeks of absence. Please check with the front desk for the suggested make up classes and times. Should you CHANGE CLASSES, ADD A CLASS OR DROP A CLASS, a “Class Change Form” must be completed at the ICPA front desk in order for bookkeeping to recognize the change. Otherwise, you are responsible for full tuition until the month in which the form is received.

Studio Etiquette


We encourage students to bring snacks, however all food/drink must remain in the student lounge or locker room. We also have snacks and water available for purchase in the vending machine.

Tardiness: To prevent injury and promote professional conduct, students will be asked to observe class if more than 15 minutes late to the start of their class. If you are late to class, please briefly explain why to your instructor and ask permission to take your place in the class or position at the barre. If you are injured, please speak to the instructor before class and then observe and take notes. It is always respectful to call ahead of time to let your instructor know you will be absent and/or late for class.

Focus: It is of the utmost importance of respecting yourself and your instructor to be prepared, to have physical energy and mental focus in class. This will aid in retention of the work in and out of the studio in order to progress to a more complex level.

Attitude: We ask our students to bring a positive spirit and supportive energy to class, and to share this attitude with fellow dancers. Professional level standards for everyone will be expected in our school. MoveMeant Illustr8ed reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student or parent whose attitude and behavior conflicts with the standards of MoveMeant Illustr8ed. If you have any problems, issues or grievances, please see Shawn immediately to resolve.

MoveMeant Illustr8ed reserves the right to refuse service and/or admission to our school and/or performances.

MoveMeant Illustr8ed’s Directors and Instructors are NOT liable for personal injuries, accidents, losses, damages to or loss of personal property. Each student may decline to participate in any activity. Please inform instructors of any physical limitation you may have.

LOST & FOUND: MoveMeant Illustr8ed is NOT responsible for lost or stolen money, shoes, clothing, jewelry, etc. Please label ALL dance shoes andclothing and do not leave dance bags or purses in hallway. Every 60 days, all unclaimed items will be donated to local charities.